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Happy New Years everyone! So some of us were talking about time of the year and how the east had it before us so this is what natsu said that I thought was awesome... : "Which means that somewhere is the past of the past which means that there is a future of the future which also means that the present is everywhere and the phrase there is no time like the present actually has some philosophical meanjng to it. There IS no time like the present because the present has no time but at the same time it does because the future and the past is also the present, depending on how far back you go. Which also means that there is no future because there is no present, there is only the past. When you read that word it was not the present it was the past. The next thing you hear is now the past. Unless however you believe in fate. In which case, the present is still nonexsistent and there is still the past, but now there is the future. That means that the word you will read in 1 1/2 seconds will then be the future, which techically means that i am typing this in the past." -Natsu
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