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I don't know about that name but ehh I will try this it seems fun! SHINee Aoa Monsta X A-jax Nu'est Twice Henry Lau Apink I'm not doing my last name because I was struggling with the A and H of my name..... In my defense I don't know anything about ajax and apink but I think I have heard their name before because of my friends
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@sarangseoltang you have a cute name heh
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@ARMYStarlight thanks! I made a card I didn't know I was supposed to hahahha
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This is fun 馃槂 I'll do my last name too LOL T~ Teen top R~ Rap monster A~ Amber N~ NU'EST 馃槀馃槀馃槅
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Seventeen Ailee (Does she count) BIG bang Red Velvet Infinite Nu'est A pink
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P~PSY A~ Apink R~ Rain K~K.Will H~ H.O.T W~Wheesung A~AOA Y~Yoon JungShin O~Orange Caramel U~ U-Kiss N~NU'EST G~GOT7
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