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I’m so stupid! How could I fall for him! He even knew it but he just changed on me. Our friendship ended and it sucked. He started to ignore me. I hated it! He used to make me happy just being around me and being my friend. Then that stupid day my supposed best friend Sky took him from me. The day I decided to confess to him he said “Sorry but Sky already asked me out, and I said yes.”

I played it off like it didn’t kill me inside. I said ok and congratulated him. I only cried once I was in the safety of my home. That day I lost my best friend and my friend/crush.

I figured they both would still talk to me and that I’d have to tell them that they needed to leave me alone, but they didn’t they both ignored me. I will always hate myself for being too slow. I was basically alone after that.

One day I was at the library trying to find a new book to read when I heard his voice. I instinctively walked towards it. In the corner was Sky and him.

“Ok Sky I see you’re worried but I can’t stand seeing her like that.”

“Well you need to do what I say I’m your girlfriend. Not (Y/N)”

“She was my friend, why can’t she still be with me?”

“Babe it’s cuz she’s in love with you.”


“So… you love her?”

He didn’t answer.

“Oh My God! I thought you loved me?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“That means you do.”

“No, I just don’t know.”

“Oh my god. Get the hell away from me. I will call you tomorrow and then we can see if you changed tour mind.” She shoved him and walked away. So the only reason he was ignoring me was because of Sky. That Bitch!
I had to get out of here. As I started walking away I turned out of one of the rows and bumped into him and fell to the floor. I just stared at him.

“(Y/N) are you ok?”

Why! Why was my heart beating so fast?

“I’m…..fine….” I whispered still staring at him.
He knelt down and wiped away some tears that had started falling.

“I’m sorry.” With that I started bawling. I put my face in my hands and cried.

“(Y/N) lets go….this isn’t a great place for this.”

“Just go.” I said still crying

“No!” and with that he lifted me off the ground, he was carrying me bridal style.

“Put your arm around my neck please.” He said and I tried not to but I was afraid of falling out of his arms. He took me to his car. Once he got me into the passenger’s side he got in the drivers. He just let me cry. During this time he started the car and drove away from the library. After a few minutes I stopped crying.

“Are you better?” he asked

“Yea.” I quietly answered

“Ok….we need to talk.”

“Ok.” I felt so tiny. I just wanted to be in my room under my covers.

He stopped the car and turned it off, then he got out of the car. I finally looked out the window. He had taken us to the park where we first met. My door opened and he held his hand out for me, before I could think I took his hand. Once I was out of the car he shut the door but kept my hand in his. Why was he doing this? He knew how I felt and he didn’t like me back. We walked to the swings and he had me sit down. Then he finally let go of my hand and started pushing me on it.

“I’m sorry for the way I’ve been the last few months.”

I stayed quiet.

“I really am. I thought I loved Sky. I was doing whatever she wanted me to do because I “Loved" her, even if it meant hurting you. I felt like shit.”

He thought he loved her? Didn’t he still love her?

“(Y/N) I’m not going to ignore you anymore even if she wants me to… I just won’t.”

“Why?” I had to ask

“You’re too important to me.”

“Sure….” This didn’t seem right why all of a sudden is he not wanting to hurt me?

“(Y/N) I’m serious!” he stopped the swing and got in front of me. He squatted down so our faces were the same level.

“You….you…” I had to look away from his eyes. “You hurt me.”

“I am really truly sorry for it. I made a mistake. Please let me fix it.” He pulled my chin up to make me look at him.

“I’m not the same girl I was 2 months ago.”

“I still have a piece of your heart right?”

Why would he ask this? It just didn’t make sense to me.

“No” I whispered but in reality he had more than just a piece of my heart.

“That’s a lie! If I wasn’t still in your heart you would have moved on!” he said raising his voice.

“FINE! I’m the stupidest girl! This fool fell in love with you and I can’t move on. I don’t know why! It isn’t even possible for us to be you don’t like me and you have Sky.” I said getting my confidence back.


“No Jungkook you listen! I’ve been hurt! My best friend knew how I felt about you and then when I told her I was going to confess to you she did it. She really had to hate me to do that. Then you said yes. Fine you liked her and not me. Whatever, but then you go and ignore me! Although I had planned on ignoring you, but not for long. I still wanted you in my life, not her! We’ve known each other for years and I thought…no never mind.”

“(Y/N) I’m sorry I can’t say it enough!”

“Jungkook! I….” I did something I thought I’d never have the courage to do. I grabbed his face and kissed him. It was just a few seconds then I broke it. Before he could say anything I got up and walked away. The park wasn’t that far from my house so I ran home. I put my pj’s on and made some popcorn and put a movie in. I was going to forget today. The movie was maybe halfway through when I got tired and turned it off. As I was about to turn the light off there was a pounding at the door. Then a voice followed it.


What the hell was he doing here? I ran and opened the door.

“Jungkook what are you doing here?”

Before saying anything in one swift move he stepped into the house shutting the door behind him and being an inch away from me he put his hand on my face and pulled me close to him and kissed me. It happened so fast I was shocked. When we broke apart he kept his hand on my face and placed his forehead against mine.

“I’m such a fool.” He whispered.


“It took me this long to admit what I felt for you.”

“What’s that?”

“(Y/N) I always think about my future and when I see it I would think of the family I want to have, the house I want to live in and the vacations I want to take an you know who I always imagined was with me?”


“You! I thought it was because I missed you, that was only part of it. (Y/N) I love you!”

I wanted to smile and kiss him but I couldn’t. I lightly pushed him away.

“Jungkook you still have Sky.”

“No I broke up with her. After you kissed me I knew my answer for her.”


“Yes! She of course wasn’t happy but after I did it I came over here. I wanted to be with you.” He stepped to me again and this time put both hands on my face making me look him in the eyes.

“Were both a couple of fools. You’re a fool for falling in love with me and holding it in for too long and I’m a fool for doing what I did to you and not realizing how much I loved you.”

“Jungkook… this real?”

“Yes (Y/N) its real.” With that he kissed me and this time I kissed back.

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