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Yes, yes... this is so late... I procrastinate.. I'm sorry... Plx forgive me!!!
The first school bell of the day had rang, which had been my alarm clock for the the morning. I sat up and stretched. The storage room wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep, but it was better than sleeping outside in the cold. I quickly changed out of my home clothes into my school uniform. I was too lazy to brush my hair, so I had placed it into a sloppy ponytail. I pushed the door opened and revealed an empty hallway. I walked as I made my way to the first floor where all the students were. Lots of people already formed on their groups and chatted among themselves. I casually made my way to my locker and pulled out my books and such. I guess now since I made that promise to Namjoon, the best thing other than smoking would be studying. I pushed through the crowd and walked to the library. I loved the school's librarian. She knew my mother; so after my mother passed, she took care of me sometimes. "Oh Hyeon, you finally came to see me, did you?" She smiled. "Yeah, sorry Ms. Kim. I've just been... busy." I sighed. I looked around for an empty table to settle at, but it seems that the library was packed today. "It seems that your busy today. It's really packed in here." "Did you want a place to sit? You can go into the back room if you want. There is an empty table in there if that's what you want." She held out a key in her hand. "Oh. Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted." I took the key from her hands and bowed. I walked to the back of the library where the storage room was. I unlocked the door and placed my books on the desk. "Alll-right. What to study... what to study..." I mumbled to myself. Finals were next month, but it's not like I didn't understand anything; I had all A's in my classes, and I understood everything that I was doing. "Ah, maybe I can write a short story in English or something.." I tapped my pen against my cheek. I pulled out my English notes and looked over them. I guess I could write a fairy tale, since that's what we'll we'll be doing next week. My phone buzzed, with a text notification FROM: NAMJOON Hey, I know your probably still asleep and stuff... but can I see you before class starts or something? I need to ask you something. You don't have yet me back. Just meet me by the tree in front of the school. Okay? And it's fine if you can't. Thanks. I cocked my head to the side as a re-read the text. He wanted to talk to me for an unknown reason. I placed my books and English notes into a neat pile on the desk and exited the room. I locked the door behind me and told Ms. Kim that I would hold onto the key until I came back. I made my way through the noisy school, careful not to run onto any teachers; so o wouldn't get in trouble for absolutely nothing. The teachers here hate me. As I walked passed certain people, the conversation got quieter. It was weird, because unless I was mad or something; they would speak normally or somthing. If anything, I just looked tired. I slowed my walking pace, and tried to hear what they were talking about. Luckily, I was. "Hey.. did you hear what happend to Hyeon? People say that her father abused her and that her mother is dead because of her. And she has a scar to prove it too.." One of them mumbled. I snapped and immediately turned to him. I rammed him against the lockers and held the collar of his shirt. "Who the hell told you that?!" My eyes clouded with anger, and some what fear. My eyes wondered into his. No one in this school knew anything about that scar... except: "Some said that the new kid, the one named Namjoon was going around telling it to people... I don't know anything about it, I swear!!" He cried. I balled up my fist and punched the locker next to him, causing the kid to flinch. I was wrong to trust him.. I was wrong to trust anyone! I pushed the kid aside and headed back the the library. I slammed the door to the library opened, causing everyone to go silent. I locked myself up in the back room until the school's bell rang. Ms. Kim slipped a note under the door. It read: I don't know what's gotten you so riled up, but if you need more time to cool down, feel free to stay here. I can write a note to your teacher. I opened the door and simply said, "I have to go to class." I walked the hallway, pushing people who were in my way. I'm going to make him pay for turning on me like this. He may have not known... no, that's not and excuse. He should never do that to some one. I don't care what happens to me; if I get expelled, or thrown into jail.. I will make you regret your decision. I thought. I forcefully opened the door to the class and quickly aproached Namjoon. "Hey Hyeon! What's-" I threw a punch at his face; which he had dodged. "Don't you dare 'hey' me after what you did you traitor! I hate you!" I threw another punch at him with my left hand, which he still caught. "What are you talking about? I didn't betray you!" I kicked his knee, causing him to fall. I kicked a desk out of the way, so I could push him down. "Don't give me that bullcrap. I know what you did, and I'm going to make to pay for it!" I balled up my fist and aimed for his face. He blocked the hit with his arms. I kicked me in the back sending me back flipping into a couple of desks. "Hyeon, I don't want to fight you. Can't we just talk about this?" He asked. "Well, it looks like you talked to the whole school about this!" From me just aimlessly punching him, we had gone into a full fledged fight. He ended up with a bloody nose while I ended up with cuts and bruises here and there. You might be asking 'where is the teacher during this?'. Well, class hadn't started yet so she was in the room; but once she got in, she was furious. "Chai Hyeon and Kim Namjoon! Principles office now!" She pried us off of each other and pushed us out the door. I was wrong about him... so wrong, it hurts.
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