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New Years Challenge

I know I'm a little late but better late than never Tagged by @katiems
My top 5 Kpop song 1. BTS- I Need U/ Hold Me Tight (I couldn't pick I love them both) 2. F(x)- Rude Love 3. SNSD- Catch Me If You Can 4. Nine Muses- Hurt Locker 5. Exo- El Dorado (This song was everything) *I made the most hardest decision in my life like 5 out of a billion songs it's barely possible.
Top 5 Kpop dances 1. BTS- I Need U/ Dope (I can't choose w/ BTS there too good) 2. F(x)- 4 Walls 3. SNSD- Catch Me If You Can 4. EXO- Call Me Baby 5. Got7- If You Do *Again killing my brain trying to pick only 5
New Years Resolution I want to kick my lazy habit and get things done and idk yet but my start YouTube channel either doing dance covers or reaction or both but I haven't decided if I'm going to do it yet.
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