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It's 2016!! D.O. says hiiiiii from StarPOP! ~ This year really has been fun, especially the last several months. I have always been into Kpop, but this year was such a catalyst. So, I decided to watch EXO Next Door, and I subsequently fell in love with them. It is an obsession I have now, and I am proud to be an EXO-L. Exo has seriously done so many things for me by opening so many doors. I now have more Exo merch than any other group. I discovered StarPOP through the EXO-L app. I now am planning on going to my first ever Kpop concert, which happens to be by EXO XD. I have also purchased my first ever Kpop album, which also happens to be EXO! I'll make a post about that later ;) I have literally made a ton more friends this year than I can remember...over Kpop, of course, and especially via this amazing app <3 Thank you Vingle for showing me a seriously awesome community, and filling up my tablet's memory with a lotttttt of Kpop pics XD ~~ So, I guess I can say that I'm excited for an even more awesome year on Vingle! Thank you everyone for a great end to 2015. Love you all :) ~~~ Oh, just for the heck of it, scroll down for some screenshots of my StarPOP babes ~ Kyungsoo, Kai, and Taemin :D
God, I wish I was a coupon-churning machine in StarPOP. I REALLY WANT THAT KYUNGSOO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER XD XD