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I was tagged by @MyalsNotSexy!!! Thank you!!! This was the hardest choice ever! I have more than 15 but the show must go on! *THEY ARE NOT IN ORDER* Let's get started ^^
1) P.O. from Block B! It just happened hahah I don't know why but he's one of my favorites ^^
2) Zelo from B.A.P.!! I've done done challenges and I have stated that Zelo is my all time favorite bias cx
3) Sungjae from Btob!
4) Baro from B1A4! He frustrates me because he has a deep voice when he raps but it doesn't go with him hahah he's my favorite though cx
5) Hyuk Jin from100%!
6) J-Hope from Bts!
7) Minhyuk from CNBlue!
8) Bambam from Got7!
9) Donghyuk from iKon!
10) Donghae from Super Junior!
11) Big bang!!! I love them!! I couldn't decide cx
12) Kihyun from Monsta X!
13)Taecyeon from 2pm
14) Seunghyun
15) Woohyun from Infinite! ^^
@VKookie47 Hahah the struggle is real! This took me 5 hours cx
AWESOME list i already made mine! I feel you though it took me three hours to pick and sort out mine....the struggle...
I just did mine and it too 4.5 hours. So terrible! @RaquelArredondo I completely approve of #11. That seems like a completely valid choice.