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I felt a cold breeze brush past me as I stared at the moon. "Yoongi you're going to ruin your makeup." I whined as Yoongi scratched the side of his eye. "I can't help it, it itches." he complained. "Taehyung don't pick at you're mascara." I said as I grabbed Taehyung's hand and moved it away from his face. "Its just a small video update." Taehyung whined. "Please Tae." I begged knowing there manager would terminate me if there makeup was messy. Taehyung smiled as he leaned closer to me. "Y/N your really beautiful." he whispered. I felt a shove before I knew it I was face down on the ground. "ouch." "Stop hitting on my finance!" Tiffany yelled. "Oh my god are you ok!" Yoongi asked as he picked me up. "What the hell Tiffany!" Taehyung yelled. "Hows the baby?" he whispered in my ear. I jumped in shock "How did you-" "I saw." Yoongi said cutting me off. "We need to get you tova doctor." he whispered as he pulled me outside. "Where are you going? Taehyung asked as he followed. "To .. the.." Yoongi struggled as he looked at me for help. I sighed "I think all three of us have to talk." I said. "Taehyung im.. pregnant." Taehyung's eyes grew wide as the words came out of my mouth. "The thing is... I dont know -" "Taehyung!" Tiffany yelled. "Shut up!" Taehyung yelled. "God dam it!" Taehyung yelled Tiffany's eyes got watery. Yoongi rolled his eyes. "Why dont you go back inside." Yoongi said as he grabbed her arm. I watched as the two headed inside. "Is it mine or is it Yoongi's?" Taehyung asked as he looked down. "I think its yours we did it without protection remember?" I said. Taehyung looked at me as he smiled. "If its mine I want to be the best father I can be!" Taehyung said as he hugged me. ---------(Taehyung's POV)------- I sighed after we finished our video update. "A dad me?" I smiled. "You want us to have kids already?" Tiffany ask as she walked in behind me. "No Y/N is pregnant." I said not caring how Tiffany felt. "She's pregnant with Yoongi's child not yours." she snapped. I lifted my eyebrow as I shrugged my shoulders. ------------------------------ I struggled as I maid my way up to the attic carrying a boy of frames. "Why do I have to move her things." I muttered. I jumped as the lights turned off. "H..hello?" I called out as I made my way to the stairs. I felt a small push as I fell forward down the staircase. --------(Taehyung's POV)------- I jumped as there was a loud thump. "What the hell was that? " I asked as I stood up. "Oh my god!" I heard some one yelled. I quickly ran out of my room. I froze at the horror seance that laid before me. I looked at the puddle of blood that fell from her mouth as she laid on the floor. "N-no..... ."I said as I walked up to her. I felt my face get hot as tears rolled down my cheeks. "Noona!" Jungkook yelled from the top of the staircase with Namjoon and Hoseok. Yoongi,Jin and Jimin starred in shock from the hallway Jin hugged Yoongi who started crying. "What's going on?" Tiffany ask as she came out of the kitchen. "Oh my.." she said in shock. "Call an ambulance!" I yelled as I held her.
that Tiffany b***h... yes
oh man, holy snap!!!!!