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It's crazy to think that 2016 is already here. As we all celebrate in different ways, there so many things that happened throughout this 2015 year. For some it was the worst, while others had the best, and then there are the middle who just had another long and bland year. 2015 went by quick for me. But let's not forget the events and things that happened. After 55 years of cold war and tension, the US and Cuba seem to be friends again. Gay marriage became legal in every state, and the 2016 presidential election began. Debates and word wars, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and more. While this all happens, racial tensions rise high, especially among teens. People getting hurt, and others killed all because someone makes a simple yet negative comment or remark. In San Bernadino we witnessed terrorism by a couple that expressed extremism. Isis also stands and we all send our condolences to Paris, France. They were struck twice, a winter morning and an autumn night. While refugees seek safety from Isis, neighboring countries seem to be overflowed and pressure is weighty. Five countries including the US, announced they'd agreed on a nuclear plan. In Paris, a climate change pact was reached and nearly every country has complied to reduced the CO 2 released into the air. In West Africa, thousands were treated and as a result Ebola is mostly defeated. In April, Napal had an earthquake of 7.8 and shut down Mount Everest for climbers to be safe. The earthquake killed around 8,000 people. Volkswagen was cheating on tests, while the Royals won the World Series and Golden State splashed with a guy named Steph. The Zuckerbergs pledged 45 million dollars to charities and companies. Nasa thinks Mars might hold microbial life and astronauts grew lettuce in space. California faces large droughts and lots of fires. Great Britain also celebrated the birth of another heir to the throne. The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her second child, named Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. 3D printers might soon make artificial hearts with no chance of rejection and it's also been said that lasers might start to be in use on fighter jets and planes for battle by 2020. Of course this isn't even half of what happened, but some large things that occurred. While you watch the ball drop and signal 2016 in Times Square on your television or in person, don't forget to remember 2015 and lessons it may have taught you. Welcome the new year, another journey has begun and another door has just be opened, so on that note, Happy New Year!