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~~The boys woke up later than before,and stepped into the kitchen, all eyes landed on them~~ "What are yall looking at?" Kyungsoo said looking at them. Jongin looked at them but Sehun. "N-nothing.." They said looking back at their food. Kyungsoo looked at Jongin confused and then at Sehun who had a little smirk on his face. Kyungsoo walked over to him and pulled him to the far room so no one could hear them talking. "What did you say or do?!" Kyungsoo said holding Sehun by his collar. "What are you talking about Hyung?" Sehun said innocently. Kyungsoo let out a quick laugh. "You know what I am talking about! " He said gripping tighter to Sehuns collar. Suho came to check on them. He saw Kyungsoo gripping Sehuns collar. "Whats going on?!" Suho said getting them apart. "Kyungsoo was t-trying to hurt me.." Sehun said making a sad face. "Come on Sehun let Kyungsoo cool off." Suho said walking beside Sehun. Sehun looked back and winked with a smirked forming with his lips. ~~It has been 3 hours since that incident happened and Kyungsoo was in his room~~ Kyungsoo slammed the door behind him causing some of the windows to shake. He locked the door and punched his pillow repeatedly so he doesnt mess up the room or a hole in the wall. Jongin knocked on the door. "What do you want?!" Kyungsoo yelled so he could hear it. "Its me Kyungsoo..Let me in" Jongin said twisting the door knob. Kyungsoo unlocked the door and looked at Jongin. "What do you want?!" Kyungsoo said closing the door once Jongin came in. "I came to talk." He hugged Kyungsoo. "Why was Sehun looking at you like that?!" Kyungsoo said getting out of the hug face red with angry. "Something Happened last night..Thats what I want to talk about." Jongin said pulling Kyungsoo to sit by him on the bed.
Yes please
I like it
it was so short😭😭😭
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