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well I hadn't really thought about doing this but I got tagged by @VeronicaArtino and @RaquelArredondo, so why the hell not?
I had to dig these up out of oblivion XD first one was of me in kindergarten at my best friends birthday party, and the second is from I believe 3rd grade. Oops, forgot to black out my full name. Oh well.
*drum rolllllllll*
Yo! This is little ole me, sporting a new haircut i just got this morning for the new year! (it's never been this short before XD). I've even got my EXO necklace on! Happy new year everyone!!! let's make this a great year and keep doing what we love!
I'm really really sorry, I honestly don't know many people at all to tag. so, I tag everyone that reads this >:3 have fun guys!
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