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Time for me to go find my future kpop idol look alike husband
I love 2pm's Go Crazy dance practice bc they like actually go crazy in the video and to me it just fun. There's a whole bunch of others that I like too but this is one of my most favorites
current most fav song is My Type by Ikon. When I first heard this song I was like already jamming to it and the chorus is so catchy I keep on singing it and the English translation is cute.
My favorite song of all time would be Time Boils The Rain by former EXO Kris. Oh my gosh when I heard this song I be all like feels and then I watched Tiny Times. This music video tho too.
alright bias group BTS they're fun yet also serious and talented in many ways. Always trying their best for their fans and they always give me a big laugh. I would like to say that they're like living memes. Almost anything they do can be turned into a meme.
alright so this is a recent pic of me with my mom before she insisted on trimming my hair for me and now my bangs are all messed up *sigh* still love ya mom. Anyway well I'm 13 Asian as you can already tell and I've been into kpop since the 3rd grade but I started getting REALLY into it in the 6th grade so yeah life's all good for now. For now.
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@ChelseaJay okay I'll keep that advice in mind
Youre really pretty! Happy New Year! :)
Cute!! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!! and dibs on the Kai look a like XD
@VixenViVi ayyyy I call Kris look alike
I bet the hair still looks fly