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Well I have been tagged up and down for this (or something like this).... Cant really remember what the challenge was really..... *shrugs* well thats too bad....
But like the title it is.... Its only kind of serious because I don't really know if I will keep up with it for the entire year (maybe like a few weeks if I am lucky) But I really want to get fit....not skinny as I already am and anything else will make me just firm >~< You know just nice firm legs or arms or pretty much anything....aim low for these resolutions because it probably would be forgotten anyways.....
Just saying....leg goals.....think a bit more feminine looking wouldn't want to scare anyone away.... Bts please support me and pray that I actually keep this....I want to look good when I meet you guys!!!
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What r box jumps??? @JustinaNguyen
2 years ago·Reply
@Mightmuffin it's literally just jumping on boxes but like the box is made of metal or something. you can do it on benches and stuff too. it's actually really tiring
2 years ago·Reply
@JustinaNguyen do u know any workouts that aren't too harsh?
2 years ago·Reply
@Mightmuffin there's a YouTube channel called blogilates. most of her workouts aren't too harsh and you can look through her videos to find workouts for whatever body part you want to work out. her videos really helped me when I first started to work out since she's really bubbly and encouraging.
2 years ago·Reply