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1. One of the most popular requests Korean plastic surgeons receive is for a Han Ga In nose. Although there were rumors that it took plastic surgery to achieve her lovely straight nose, pictures of her at an earlier age show she has not changed a lot. Also, her younger brother Jang Seo Jin looks just like her with a very similar nose. 2. She's not only beautiful but she's smart. She scored 384 out of 400 points on the Korean CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test). That places her in the 95th percentile. At Paiwa Girls' High School, her grade point average placed her 5th in the entire school. Her goal was to attend Kyung Hee University and major in hotel administration, but ironically it was her smarts that led her into acting. She qualified for KBS2TV's "Star Golden Bell" quiz show and made it through 34 rounds of questions. She was spotted on the show and received requests to model and act. 3. Initially, she was thought of as only a pretty face, but she went on to prove critics wrong. She won an International Drama Award for the role of Heo Yeon Woo in "The Moon Embracing the Sun" and was nominated by MBC for Top Excellence Award for an actress in the same mini series. Of all her roles, she says the character Yang Seo Yeon that she plays in the film "Architecture 101" is the closest to her own. That role did not win her any awards. 4. Her hobbies are cross-stitching, listening to sad music and watching movies. She also enjoys modern dance and two to three times a week, does a workout designed for professional ballerinas. Her favorite musician is Gdragon and she attends his concerts. Her phone contains several pictures of him, but she says her husband is not jealous, as he is a fan too. 5. She met her husband, Yeon Jung Hoon when they filmed the drama "Yellow Handkerchief" in 2003. They played a couple in the drama and married in 2005. Last year they announced they wanted to have children, but so far there has been no baby news. Han Ga In did recently say she wants a boy, "just like her husband and he wants a girl just like me." For a couple that still seems very close and devoted, this sounds just about right.