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It had been awhile since I actually made an anime review and that is because I was looking for animes to watch. And on Disney XD in the U.S., there is Yo-kai Watch. So basically I thought it was going to be stupid like most of the other shows on Disney XD but actually it is very awesome and my favorite anime on Disney XD!
So it is basically about this boy named Nate (boy in the middle) that frees a ghost called Whisper (person/thing way far to the right). Whisper is the first Yo-kai Nate meets. And Whisper makes himself Nate's Yo-kai butler who is supposed to know everything about all Yo-kai (with a bit of researching with his tablet he does). The cat on the right is named Chibanian is the fourth Yo-kai Nate ever meets. And there are some more humans that are Nate's friends, you will have to watch to see.
So Nate took this Yo-kai Watch which he can never take off. The Yo-kai Watch allows Nate to see all the Yo-kai in the world that makes the world almost go into havoc. Then in the end the Yo-kai that is making all the trouble becomes Nate's friend and Nate gets a Yo-kai Medal like the one in the photo above. (The Yo-kai Medal is the one that is for a Yo-kai named Tattletell.)
I really like Yo-kai watch. I hope you watch it and find out you like it too! Where to find Yo-kai Watch: Youtube, Disney XD, look on Wikipedia.org for more locations. Thanks for Reading Jade's Anime Review: Yo-kai Watch!