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I'm late but hey it's okay!! Any ways to the reason of the card! I am sure everyone knows about those dreaded resolutions. Well! I have a few that I hope I stick to. I am not the best at sticking to them, but I do atleast try. I was tagged by @emilyanpham14
One Resolution for me that I hope to work on is my perfectionism. Emotionally, this means that instead of living life in a place of self-acceptance, perfectionists are on a continual treadmill chasing the elusive feeling of having everything in their lives be “right.” But even when the brief satisfaction of “right” is achieved, it’s temporary. Then it’s on the to next level, achievement, or day of needing to make everything “right.” Most perfectionists smile beautifully on the outside, but feel frustrated, exhausted and unappreciated on the inside. Naturally this leaves those who are perfectionists, at a high risk of Anxiety, depression, OCD, and a slew other problems. I plan to let the chips fall where they may. I am terrified of the results but here's to 2016!!
2) Improvement Spend more time improving my art. I am taking off a semester of College Before I return to gather my Master's Degree. In my free time, I will be Working on the improvement of my amateur artistic skills!!!
3) Learn Korean So I want to learn Korean, have wanted to actually for a while. . I have had it in my mind to learn, but I ordered a few books to help me stay motivated and on track.
4) UHM so yeah I don't know what to put here.... Make sure I follow the three!! Yeas!
@byeolbit here's mine!
three is plenty!!! Let's make this year awesome ♡
@byeolbit Let's do it!!!