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Name Challenge

Thank you @Destiny1419 and @JohnEvans for tagging meee!! ❤

First Name:

B- BTS R- Ryeowook I- Infinite A- Ailee N- N N- NU'EST A- Apink

Last Name:

E- EXO W- Wonder Girls E- EXID R- Ravi S- Sungmin (HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO THAT CUTE BUNNY!!❤ Supposedly he's coming back from the army this year...)

tagging my usual Vingle fam:

Doing this challenge! Thank you! :)
K: Kiss & Cry R: RaNia I: Infinite S: Super Junior T: T-ara E: EXO N: Nine Muses Just did my first name cause my last one has too many weird letters haha
There you go @4dalientae
N-N.Flying A-April N-Nayeon C-Chen Y-Yoongi V-V O-Onew N-Namjoon G-Gd V-Vernon I-IL-HOON L-Leo A-Apink Y-Yixuan
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