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Top 15 biases

Tagged by @RaquelArredondo HOW I AM SUPPOSED TO PICK HONESTLYYYYY I LOVE SO MANY I guess these are basically in order but y'all know how this goes...
Numbah 1: RAVEH (VIXX's Ravi) I think I can confidently say that this guy is my ultimate bias. After watching VIXX MTV Diaries I just couldn't deny my love for him XD plus he became my bias faster than anyone else. No one in VIXX can possibly leave their lanes cause of him(even Ken who's sense of humor speaks to me on a spiritual level)
Number 2: Suga Bear! (BTS's Suga) My bias in BTS changed a lot in the beginning (and i still love them all omg) but Suga took the lead for several reasons: his swag, his sleep habits so similar to mine, that f***ing jaw line, earrings, his rap style(I love his lisp even tho we dont hear it much anymore), his producing skills, and a lot more reasons. He's a close second for UB
Numbah 3: Block B's P.O!!! This guy was my absolute first bias. Nilili Mambo was the first kpop mv I truly got into when my friend showed me (the literal first was SuJu but I didn't get into it). As soon as this dude's blond ass came up saying "We bobbin' to the music music" I was lost. and he's an absolute dork oh my god. (how does that 1st pic turn into the 2nd....)
Four: Got7's manly leader, JB (aka Jaebum) Not even gonna lie, he started as a bias for his looks. I freaking adore his piercings and his handsome, manly face. and when he smiles oh my goodness, my heart melts at his gorgeous half moon eye smile ♥♥♥ but I've also seen how he can be a serious, but sometimes playful leader, and I love it.
Five: Seventeen's THE8 (aka Minghao) JUST LOOK AT THE ADORABLE LITTLE MUFFIN. I CANNOT EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR HIM ENOUGH OKAY. I mean first of all he's an incredible dancer, and im always sad he doesn't get more lines in songs. he's a freaking b-boyer and a MARTIAL ARTS EXPERT. have you SEEN him flip?? plus he's such a hard worker and he's been learning so much so quickly and I just love him (he's also basically my age. I'm 8 days older XD)
this is going to take so much longer than I thought... Number 6: Got7's Little Cock! (aka Mark Tuan) (yes, thats literally his family's nickname for him XD) To be honest, I can't pick a bias in Got7. I literally can't. Theyre all so wonderful. Mark might be quiet, but I can't get enough of his deep voice, English, and adorable personality.
Lucky numbah 7: Chanyeol!!!!! (EXO) I don't even remember how it happened, but this puppy was my ultimate bias for literally months. NO ONE could make him budge. Sadly, I also don't know how he fell from his UB spot (coughravicough) but I still love him so so much.
number 8: Jackson Wang (another Got7 XD) I just can't help it! he was actually the reason I got into got7 in the first place. To be honest, one reason I love him so much is because how much he told his fans that he loved them the way they were, and that he loves thick thighs. It made me really think about accepting my body, and its made a lot of difference to me. I'll always be grateful for it.
number 9: our lovely Thai idol, Bam Bam! (Got7) I thought I'd just get my last Got7 one out of the way XD he's actually my favorite rapper in the group voice/style wise and I love that he's one of the only idols from Thailand (I don't know ANY others actually). Another idol my age, and can I just say that I wish puberty had hit me as perfectly as it hit him? I mean good lord.
Number 10: Seventeen's lovely gentleman, Joshua! He was actually my first Seventeen bias and another sweet little muffin. Honestly I would love nothing more than to be able to talk to him about anime and Adventure Time because I could literally listen to him talk for days. His voice is just so wonderful to me. Plus, I wanna hear him play guitar and I cant even express how surprised/ecstatic I was when I saw his cartilage piercing. he's just perfect.
(Almost to the end!) Eleven: BTS's Literal-Ray-of-sunshine, J-Hope I absolutely can't stop smiling when I see this precious angel. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I just look at this precious creature and everything is good in the world. I love that he can go from precious, to 4D, to flipping sexy in an instant. I can't get enough of seeing him dance let me tell you. Also, I know he has a tendency to keep his negative feelings in and I wish he wouldn't, and it reminds me not to do it myself like I always have before.
Number 12: Leader Yongguk Another rapper that stole my heart with his deep voice, and kept it with his brusque demeanor and soft heart. (these are gonna get shorter cause its 3am and I'm tired)
#13: Seventeen's Wonwoo Yet another deep voiced rapper, but this one truly won my heart with his cuteness. People said he has a cold face, but I like him from the moment I saw him. I hate it when I see people saying he's fake or something. He doesn't deserve any of it. It makes me a little sad that he's afraid of dogs, just because I love them so much and I'm curious what could have happened that made him scared of them. also I want to steal his sweaters to wear so bad.
(SO CLOSE) #14: BtoB's Leader, Eunkwang To be honest idk how he became a bias. Part of it must be his expressions when he's singing, and his voice is just so amazing. He was the reason my biases started drifting away from rappers, and I'm still not 100% sure why I drifted to him so much
and last but not least, Exo's precious Unicorn healer.... Zhang Yixing! (aka Lay) I always say that Chanyeol is my Exo-K bias and this precious soul is my Exo-M bias, because I can't choose between them anymore. I'll never get over this boy's demeanor change when he's dancing unf. he works so hard just like the rest of EXO, and is injuring his back to complete and utter agony. I can't stand to see the hate people are throwing at this hard working, kind soul, and I will always support him and wish him the best. also, let me just say that I am ROYALLY pissed that he won't be at the Dallas EXO concert. I don't even want to go without him there.
oh thank god that's over... that was long and painful.... I can't even tag anyone. please, if anyone wants to do this just go ahead, have fun. I'm going to bed...
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