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1. I learned that life is a process and I have gone through it like a butterfly. I had to crawl, then rest and grow in a cacoon, then fight my way out so I could learn the lessons, to then finally be able to fly freely.
First of all I want to say thanks to @alywoah for inspiring me to write this card. Also thank you to all fellow vinglers who have followed me or commented on my cards.
2. I learned to let go and let God. Sometime we get so caught up in having control. We have to remember that we dont have to be in control. I learned that I needed to let go of things that made me hurt so that I could truly live a joyful life.
3. Once I learned to fly and let go. I learned to love myself again for me, Not for the standards this world may put on me. I learned that yes I may be different but that is okay!
4. I learned to hope again. To not be afraid to have dreams far beyond my understanding, because I know my God will be there every step of the way. I hope that you all have an amazing 2016. I am definitely looking forward to this new Journey. Feel free to share your thoughts... and tag anyone you think might be inspired.
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Beautiful card @jazziejazz <3 All important lessons. I'm so glad you found this freedom and peace in your life... it's always important to remember to love yourself and dream big :)