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Happy New Years you guys! I found a treasure while looking through my endless supply of photos and discovered this one. oh, and sorry if you only watch the anime know what? *erases Zeref's last name from title* So this one was originally for a friend who's like...obsessed with Zeref so I surprised her with this. No crazy filters because this isn't even the finished product lol I just happened to stumble on this.
And also right before I inked it. I remember I got so mad while inking it cuz I was at school drawing this and what not and I suddenly run out of ink. (imagine the misery). Fairy Tail: Zeref
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So cool awesome
2 years ago·Reply
I love loki celestial spirit and gray fullbuster
2 years ago·Reply
@RachaelMacy Loki should appear more; I'm so mad at the fact he doesn't. Lucy has gotten her butt kicked pretty bad and her magic taken away and he still doesn't appear. Its like mashima forgets that he can come out on his own or something.
2 years ago·Reply
yours is way better than mine great job
2 years ago·Reply
@reaper412 thank you
2 years ago·Reply