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This is gonna be my first fan fiction and of course it's with BTS!!! I really like all the fantasy and sh*t like that. anyways I hope this goes good and I hope you all like it!!! Thank you for reading if you do!!!
**About the main character** My name is Taehyung. I'm 19 and live on an undiscovered island that I call my home. I live with my 5 brothers and my best and only friend, Jungkook. But I did something that would change my life forever. I fell in love with my best friend!! **Chapter 1** It was a nice and bright morning. I woke up in my sleeping corner next to my brother Jin. I went outside and stretched like my life depended on it. I then went to a nearby river to get a refreshing drink of water. Only to be interrupted by a light tap on my back. I turned to look at my older brother Rap Mon. "What are you doing up so early?" he asked as he rubbed his eyes to wipe away the sleepiness. "I just had to get a drink of water, hyung." I say before waking around him to go back into the den. I finally got comfortable in my bed before hearing someone whisper my name. I close my eyes and answer with an annoyed "what." I feel the person flinch that I was talking to at my harshness. "N-nothing." he said, shock in his voice. "Might as well tell me since you already woke me up from my sleep." I lie. I turn to look at the person but all I see is Jeon Jungkook, looking at me in shock. I started to feel embarrassed and a little awkward. I then turn to get up since he didn't answer me. I walked out of the den and found myself slipping on a rock falling when I feel a sudden stop and open my eyes to see Jungkook staring me in the eyes. "Watch where you going next time hyung" he answered with a hint of sarcasm. All I could get out was a deep breathe that I didn't know I was holding. He picked me up putting me back in my feet before heading to the same river I did. I decided to play a game on him. I hide under a broken couple of branches. In perfect veiw of jungkook. when I see him look back in the spot I was standing a second ago, he looked confused. he went to the den to look for me but couldn't find me. He came back outside and started to look around for me. I could feel the aroma of worry coming off of him. He suddenly stopped looking and yelled at the top of his lungs my name. "TAEHYUNG!!!" I hear and I creep up behind him. Slow enough so he wouldn't hear me but fast enough to where I wouldnt get caught. I then suddenly breath into his ear "Boo!" He jumps and lands on his butt from getting scared. I laugh my ass off cause it was so damn funny. Suddenly I hear a whimper coming his direction and I glance over at him. He was crying. I didn't know why. But as the good friend I was, I came to his side and startes patting his back, comforting him. "Why are you crying?" I ask him concerned. he replies "b-because I th-thought I l-lost y-you." as he says that between his sobs. I pull him into a tight hug. he hesitates but then gives in and hugs me back, even tighter. "I'm not going anywhere." I say soothing him.
well I hope that was good. I think I added alittle fluff I there with the hug but I don't know. again I'm very very new to writing any kinda fan fiction story. thank you for reading. I don't know when the next chapter will be up but if I get a lot of likea then I might do a quick "get to know the writer" Lol anyways love you all... bye ❤
nice job with it being your first 👌 looking forward to more :)
I liked it! There's just one thing that I think it needs, more detail to it. Other than that, it's great!