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maybe I'm not in her shoes. If this is the case, it's not necessary done in person. cannot solve anything. Thing already happened long ago. Enough already apologized to those who do not want to forgive. Time cannot be reversed..
I told you that I'm not in her shoes @orenshani7 but believe me I know how that feels, angry,hate,being victimized and I'm not going to met that person to add my hatred..
@atmi, good point, but can you try to think what would happen if you woke up one morning and find that you are this woman?
That was an awesome thing you did just then @orenshani7, I tried to think in her shoes as well. I felt similar feelings as you said @atmi, but even then it's hard to imagine.
Wow, this is a totally different perspective that I got. It's powerful to hear the women's thoughts on this issue. very interesting, thank you for sharing! thoughts @atmi @CPTdonut @JosephHarris @ButterflyBlu @NickMcCormick since we were talking about it before?
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