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No, I don't mean it I'm hot in a sexy way. =) Here, in Mexico we are in the middle of the spring season and the sun is really hard to bear, the good side of this is to see the flowers blooming everywhere and the wind is really refreshing. I'm the kind of person who rathers to drink natural water, but sometimes I feel like I want to tray something different and vibrant. Which is why I decided to show you some pics of different beverages to try, from your own home made strawberry and mint beverage, watermelon, regular lemonade, smoothies (which are really good for our health) to a watermelon and lemon drink. I like to drik them as natural as possible but if you have a party or some kind of reunion and you want to look good you can add some alcohol. Let me know which one is your favorite! Hope you're all enjoying the season!
And the best part is that they're all natural and really delicious.
that looks so refreshing!!! i would love to have some of that !!