2 years ago500+ Views a photographer...anyway back to topic..ok so I see alot of posts with tones of likes, clips, and comments..and mostly....
they have a million people tagged on them seriously..
how do you remember all the names...or is there a short cut...
like do you press the (@) symbol then like..something..
how do you tag and/or remember all those names...i mean if you personally know them and interact with them alot'd remember but i like to tag people so they see my card and share it to help it go wide..but yeah..
@kpopdeluxegirl I do what @torchix does I have a list of people saved on Sticky Notes on my laptop so I usually post a card on my cell then edit it on my laptop... I am going to be editing that list soon so I can get all my fellow Kpop friends on it...
I have them saved on my work computer and my phone notepad for copy&paste and add those I interact with. I'd also like to know what camera you use, your pictures are stunning.
Wth wow I might just get that phone only for picture because they look awesome. And I haven't had a formal photography class in years so I'd be of not assistance haha used? :o
hahaha okay @torchix it costs around $200-$300
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