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Less than even 12 hours ago, I created a new collection that would serve as the sister collection for the original "Why anime?" collection that you guys have apparently enjoyed so much! I posted 2 quickies onto the newly created "Quick Why anime?" and it followed suit with my profile breaking the next milestone that is the 200K views!
It took me 20 cards (including this one), 2 months, 20-or-so awesome friends to support me, 2 collections and a whopping collective amount of 200,000 of you to make what this profile, the "Why anime?" collection(s) and my presence and activity here on Vingle something that has become a dearly important matter to me personally!
A "thank you" isn't enough. My mind trying to comprehend the massive 200K reading something I wrote for fun isn't enough. And even though my creativity and "talent" for writing stuff might be enough to satisfy you guys, the response and reaction that you guys have are simply too big that I can't understand how many there are of you enough.
Thank you
It's really been an honour writing stuff on anime that makes you guys curious and interested
I have many many more planned posts and info-articles ahead in the future, so follow both the "Why anime?" collection as well as her sister "Quick Why anime?" collection for more! :D
@Kirik it should go without a moment of hesitation that you're one of the 20-or-so friends who have supported me :* Thanks a bunch! :D
You're welcome, I look forward to more in 2016.
it's been awesome to explore these various facets of something that is so important to me, with everyone here (especially you, @VoidX)!!!! Thank you and WAY TO GO!!