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Whoever watched angel beats knows the ending. I watched it but didn't expect it to be so sad. Whoever hasn't watched it needs to go right now and watch this, but beware, it will make you cry. It's sad due to the fact people disappear when they discover their true feelings towards something or someone. And episode 13, man that was without a doubt the episode that made us all cry our eyes out.
Now this is Plastic Memories, and believe it or not, it's even sadder than Angel Beats (at least for me it is). Why? Because ever since episode 1 I almost cried tears of sadness. And episode 13 affected me more than a train wreck, due to the fact that she says her last goodbyes in a ferris wheel, her last moments of her life. Her boyfriend was devastated along with her friends, so was I. (And I still am) What do you think was sadder? Why? What really got you to release tears? I really want to know.
Honestly the ending made me really happy and cry happy tears because, yeah, they couldn't be together in that world, but it gave you an open ending that hinted at happiness in the real world.
loved this
the ending, I was so sad I turned in to a ball of rage and started punching stuff