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I know, the first thing that will come to your mind after reading the title will be 'oreos, and healthy? LOL this person's crazy', but I assure you, this breakfast idea will make you love your mornings and will tickle your tastebuds!
Let's move to ingredients, shall we? - 3 Oreo cookies - 1 cup Greek yogurt - 2 tbsp muesli or any cereal (make sure it doesn't contain sugar and is fat free) - 1 tbsp oats (any kind) - 1/4 cup of any chopped fruits And that's all.
Now let's see how this thing is made. Start by pouring all your cereal, fruits and oats in a container, and add the Greek yoghurt on it. Mix it well, and then chunk down your Oreo cookies and put it on top. Done.
Now if you are wondering that its very less Oreo, that's because it consists of other things, which are all good for you. Topping with Oreo makes it look even more appetizing, and trust me, it really tastes AMAZING. This is so good and yummy, that you will want to have it many times, and the best part is, you can! Please try this and let me know how this works out for you. If you are trying to reduce weight or just want to eat healthy, this is the best for you, the calories are less than 120 in each cup! I hope you like this, let me know your thoughts!
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Sounds delicious!
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Thanks pals! Do try this, its healthy for you and tastes amazing!
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Mmmm this sounds SO good!! I'm always on the lookout for easy healthy breakfast ideas!! If you post more will you tag me please? :)
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Wat a great idea! I'd love to try this!
2 years agoReply
Thanks guys :) @AlloBaber I will definitely do so, whenever I post any food stuff or hacks :D thank you!
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