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Well guys 2015 is finally over but I think we would all be lying if we said we didn't miss it. 2015 was definitely an interesting one for the Kpop world. Let's go back over some of the things that made that year a memorable one!!!


2015 was the definitely the year of long-awaited comebacks. Probably some of the best we've seen. With groups like Big Bang, EXO and BTS, fans couldn't contain their excitement. Other comebacks included BAP, SHINee, Vixx, Girl's Generation, SISTAR, F(x)


This was also the year when everyone thought it would be okay to wreck our bias lists with new faces and groups!!! iKON, Up10tion, Seventeen and MONSTA X made theirsleves known this year and broke all of our hearts.


This is something I would consider the bad of 2015. There were entirely too many times my heart stopped that year. GOT7 leader JB injured his ankle forcing him to sit through performances. MONSTA X's maknae, I.M was injured during practice and even had to go the hospital. Big Bang's G-Dragon got a nasty cold apparently from a letter. BTS was just a wreck!! First with RapMon and Jin's finger injury, then Suga and V's sudden sickness and then finally ending with RapMon passing out. My heart just couldn't take it.


Kpop entered the Americas when BTS- Dope was played at a Steelers game making every fangirl a little closer to having a heart attack. No doubt this year was tough for the former EXO members. They had to deal with lawsuits from SM Entertainment and were bullied by oversensitive fans. This year's MAMA awards was definitely one you shouldn't have missed. BTS and GOT7 did an awesome collaboration and it was awesome.


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what I remember is when I first fell in love with kpop
I was loong. Between scandals and new relationships, comebacks and debut it all tired me out. But now that 2015 is all over, I'm just wondering what crazy drama will happen in 2016
bap comeback vixx comeback all comebacks we're completely awesome 2015 will be remembered for these awesome comebacks nd OMG also the rookies I am adding some rookies to your list day6 nflying and twice nd many more rookies came OMG Lol
bap comebacks
things we need to leave behind in 2015- Hansol on smtm
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