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Guys its 2016 and that means a new year and a new start!!! I am so excited for this year and what it might hold both for me and in K-Pop I am also excited for the Kpop industry....


In this new year I hope lots of more Idol Groups get more rest..Groups like EXO and BTS I have seen suffering the most from exhaustion and I just hope they rest alot more in thus year

Get Famous!!

A lot of different Kpop idols groups have debuted some got famous instantly and some took time but I hope in this new year they continue to work thierselves to the top...Congratulations to SEVENTEEN, IKON, TWICE, UP10TION, and MONSTAX


As with a new year comes with more idols leaving the military and the one that most affected me is TOP from Big Bang..thankfully TOP could enjoy one more concert with Big Bang before he leaves this year

What Are You Most Excited About For 2016??

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