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Ok guys I need some help, I'm wanting to pick up a book of two on learning Korean to help me Study with, I'm currently at a point where I know all of the letters and how to stack/write words out and I more so just need to start learning new words and how to properly compose sentences, if you guy can give me any suggestions I'd love you all forever. Also please and thank you. :)
Recent is another good place and can order books and audio from there
@Gladness I love that website, I had been using some apps for learning but they didn't explain everything that I needed and I stumbled on this site the other day. Sorry I should have mentioned that.. I'm more so looking for actual books so I can use them while I'm at work because I'm not able to use my phone and ect. 😀
@xXBTSHobiXx Thank you, I haven't heard of that site before I'll check it out.
@TracyLynnn That is so awesome!! I really like the site too!