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I was tagged by @4dalientae and @reyestiny93 to do the name challenge so I'd thought I'd try it! It was way harder than I thought! I tried my best to keep it only groups but I had to improvise a little! So here you go: J-JYJ O-Oh Sehun R-Red Velvet D-Dal Shabet A-AOA N-NU'EST There's my list! I tried my best for "O"! Can you guys do it?? @Sarahdarwish @Emilyanpham14 @Kpopandkimchi @Thepinkprincess @Emealia @CreeTheOtaku I also challenge the rest of the K-Pop Vingle family to try! Good Luck!
Seventeen Apink Royal Pirates AOA Hello Venus Day6 Amber Rain Winner Ikon Shine Henry Lau
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K-Much April Y-ea Ladies Code AOA or Kiss&Cry Y-ea U-Kiss Nine Muses Girls' Generation Secret Orange Caramel Oh My Girl Nu'est Playback After School Red Velvet Kara
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Exo Red Velvet Infinite Kara AoA
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Exid Mamamoo Infinite Lovelyz YELLOW
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