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moon knight "hey batman, what are thinking about?" batman "the usual, crime, hot villain chicks, how rich I am. you?" moon knight "I'm wondering how if you're so rich, why you can't afford a better alias."
"I hate tomato's! die tomato die!"
@shannon15 I stole two because I'm a weirdo and I wanted to be funny lol
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I got drunk but didn't have a hangover and my wittyness is sharp in the morning lmao how was everyone's night?
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We ended up quite tipsy, and played the board game Risk until like 4a.m.. It was a hilarious disaster. lol Then everyone proceeded to crash on random furniture and the floor. xD
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@Danse sounds like fun lol
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It really does look like tomato! xD
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Moon Knight is Marvel not DC
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