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Hello amigos I hope you all are having an AWESOME NEW YEAR and I know we will have an awesome quarter! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm one of the supporters of the Marvel Community along with @LAVONYORK (I think she is still a support memeber lol...I should know....forgive me). @shannonl5 is our AWESOME moderator. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask us. We don't bite lol. @shannonl5 made a great card about guidelines. Here is the link. We just want you all to have an awesome experience in the Marvel Community.


1. Be Kind: Remember sarcasm can rub ppl the wrong way. However, please continue to leave comments and communicate..that's why vingle is so awesome! 2.Have fun: It's always a party here lol! Post cards and come up with creative ways to expression your love for Marvel. Even if you want to share some news about Marvel please bring it to the table. 3. Post things that are Marvel related. We do love to converse here, however it would be easier to find stuff that you enjoy if you post it in the correct community. If your card is about strictly cooking old fashion pancakes. The food community would love to have that. There will be cards that fit more than one category. Like if you write a poem about expressing Thor's awesomeness...that would be in creative writing, and Marvel. If you need help just ask. 4. Be as creative as you like!



Thy challenge is upon you...

Pick any Marvel character to represent the letters in your first name. examples... Tim T....Thor I ....Ice Man M...Medusa

You can be as creative as you like. Remember to tag me. I would to see them.

This my name....




Scarlet Witch



Iron Man


Emma Frost

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@shannonl5 thanks and yes I am happy to be on the support team! 😋
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@amobigbang Nice to meet you!!! We haven't really had much chance to talk, but I have spoke a lot of LAVONYORK and Shannonl5. I look forward to another great year, and getting to know everyone better! :))
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@Danse nice to meet you too. I've been here lol
2 years ago·Reply
This is a lovely card! I will definitely work on it. Hello @danse! :)
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