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Well.... yup, that's me A little late, sorry. I'm a August baby. I really not good with self introduction.. Born and raise in New York, then move to New England territory.
I'm Latina and half Korean and very proud. My hobby : write write and write :) I'm mostly on my own. Been living on my own since I was 16 till now. Friends: I don't got no one close to me, but I do got a best friend in Nevada I may be alone but it keeps my head up high
This is me now!! I take selfies but I don't share it. I mostly keep it to myself. I never thought that I would have a change to share to all of you. Thank you guys for able to loving me and thank us for able to love each other. Also, thank you for loving my stories, I never show my writing skills because I sometimes consider it boring. But you all appreciate it and I feel honor to do more.

Happy New Year My Lovely Vingles

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awe you are so pretty. And I love your writings
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awww so cute!!
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@VeronicaArtino @Helixx @LenaBlackRose Thank youuu 💖💖💖
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you know I love your latest story...thanks for sharing this post. I am more than old enough to be your mama and almost old enough to be a young granny to you but know that you have touched my soul and I sending you all the best intentions to you and for you thanking you for sharing your post and fanfictions. Bigbang is my favorite group too. For me it's like having 5 beautiful and talented son's that make good music too.
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