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I got tag by a beautiful lady @Helixx for doing this list.. and I can't come up with 15.
BB: Because she only got us!!! Me: Hey.. I might be able to come up with other Bias too...((squeezing my brain))
He's name is TOP... so he is always my TOP choice as first place on all list!!!♡♡♡♡ Did I do it right? my King TOP. cheers!?
GD: I am not the first?? Me: Sorry, you don't know how many tears and heartbreak I have to go through by choose you or not an easy choice.. Let's sing the song "Heart Heart Heart Heart Heartbreaker" together.
And this sexy Bia is my 3rd choice, you won't mind right TY bae? Taeyang: As long as I am in front of Seungri, I be fine to stay as 3rd place.
Yes!! this sweet gentleman is my 4th choice. Love you Daesung♡♡♡♡ don't be shy, let me take a picture to show it to the fans.
Here is my 5th Bia ...the Panda Bae Seungri: How could I be the 5th!!! I am the sexy baby. Me: Unless you want to fight with the "Oppas"↥↥↥↥at the top 4 list.. I can move you up higher.
Seungri: Is OK, I will stay as the Maknae in the list.
And my 6th???? ....mhm.... arr... m...((pulling my hair)) TOP: She can't come up with any.
GD: I don't think she have any
Seungri: Let me check her cards... no I don't see any.
BB: We are still waiting Me: Mmmm...((still pulling my hair))
BB: Let's take Selfie while we are waiting.
TOP: Let me clean up the window
BB: Doing exercise
BB: Let's do the dance called "She don't have any"
Me: Ok Ok I give up.... I don't have any other Bias...((teardroping))
This is adorable! BigBang is hard to top (hehe.)
This was me like two months ago. It was BB and only BB. Coming up with 15 was so hard!!!
I love this😂😂😂
@inuyashagal is was originally asked for 15 Bias..
yes this was awesome
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