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Happy New Year my SPN family. I hope every one has a great new year. I'm inviting the Who Lock over to the party to celebrate with us. This is a electrify community along with the Who Lock community. In this pond we are babies and we will grow and enjoy everyone's company.
I would like to get to know everyone! And add a few things to the rules list too. First the rule list, I find this very important to be added before I introduce myself to you guys. Please NO SPAM OR SPAM COMMENTS. NO TROLLING. We all know what they are. We been on other social media sites. So we know. Now I as the Moderator the community is suppose to help it grow, keep everyone happy and make sure the Vingle rules are followed. Oh and of course uphold my own personal rules. And we will have addition support coming soon! It's going to be a blast and a half! NOW TO THE FUN!
I want to know what you are watching! You can let me know if it one of Super Who Lock. Tell me what season you are on! Tell me your favorite character! Tell me how long you been a fan! Tell me your age range! 18 and under 18 to 21 and so on! Tell me what you would like to see in SPN community! How can we make this better as a SPN family?! Are you interested in more run ins within the who lock communities? Have fun! L A Von Winchester
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up to date with both*
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@luci546 there is never too much time for the boys! 馃槀馃槀
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I was watching last supernatural season 10 yet to start 11 and I'm 21 years old I watched supernatural once when I was younger but it really scared me so I never watched it. but I've been watching it for a bout a year now. I also watched Dr who since I was 13-14 I love the doctor and I've seen the first season of Sherlock when it came out
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That is awesome @DavidPap
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thank you :) @LAVONYORK
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