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IT'S 2016!!! yay!!! I knew I wasn't on here for a full year but I did enjoy the few months that I was on. Vingle is such a fun place to go!! I love everything about it~ I have also met some AMAZING people~I wish that I will meet more people and I will be able to make some more amazing friends !! (I also need to study hangul)
So In the spirit of the new year and making new friends I wanted to make a challenge. The name of this challenge is "The year was 2015 when we met"( or something like that)The rules are to talk about a friend's that you meant that you have met in the year 2015. You will post your favorite picture of the person ( if that is okay with that person ), explain how you met, say 5 things that you like about that person, say why you like being their friend, and for the last step you can choose to do what you want to do~
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