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This video seriously brought me to tears, I want to thank all of you for making me feel so welcome here! Especially @lovetopia @Helixx @KwonOfAKind @catchyacrayon @JohnEvans @Jiyongixoxo @VeronicaArtino and @Ercurrent you guys made me feel so welcome and I feel like you guys are family. I love you guys so much and hope we can become better friends in this new year. Also thank you to everyone who has been interacting with me recently. You guys are amazing and I hope we can interact more! Thank you all for welcoming me into the Vingle family :) Let's have a good year together! Fighting!!
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I love JRE too...and thank you @ladygdragon I hope we can become best friends too ...all of you guys are like family too me and I love you all :)
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@JohnEvans You're welcome :) I'm glad I met you all!
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Awwww 💕 Thank YOU for being so awesome and for being in my life too!!
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@catchyacrayon I love yoooouu
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