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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great 2016 so far! I'd like to issue a challenge that will help everybody meet new people and learn a little bit more about them! You may also learn a little more about some idols!

It's called the "What Line Are You In? Challenge?" !

Post a card stating: 1)Your birthday and what line you're in. 2)Other idols who are in the same line as you. You can put their birthdays if you are feeling ambitious! 3)Your bias group, their birthdays(optional) and line, and how much older/younger they are than you. I'll start!
My birthday is May 23, 1998! I'm a '98 liner! Some idols who are also in the '98 line are: Dahyun (TWICE): May 28, 1998 Seunggwan (Seventeen): January 16, 1998 Vernon (Seventeen): February 18, 1998
My Bias group is BTS! Their birthdays; Jin: December 4, 1992 ('92 line) Suga: March 9, 1993 ('93 line) J-Hope: February 19, 1994 ('94 line) Rap Monster: September 14, 1994 ('94 line) Jimin: October 13, 1995 ('95 line) V: December 30, 1995 ('95 line) Jungkook: September 1, 1997 ('97 line) Age Difference: Jin: 6 years Suga: 5 years J-Hope: 4 years Rap Monster: 4 years Jimin: 2 years V: 2 years Jungkook: 1 year
Now I challenge everyone to post a card! Put what line you're in in the comments of mine and other cards and meet some more people! I specifically challenge: @4dalientae @reyestiny93 @sarahdarwish @Emilyanpham14 @Thepinkprincess @Emealia @Creetheokatu *Photos are not mine. Credit to the owners*
I'm a 00 line the only one I know in my line is sanha from Astro
Made a card! i'm 97line~
This is so cool 😳
@sarahdarwish that's fine! Just have fun! :)
I'll try my best but it won't be very much different from yours... :)