the night everything changed pt3

Flash back-yoongi pov
“hay y/n can I talk to you about something” yoongi tipped the can to his mouth feeling the familiar burn in his throat. You scowl at him “oppa that's not good for you but yea whats wrong?” he plopped down on the couch next to you. You could tell that he has been drinking due to the flush on his cheeks that always appeared after he had had at least 3-4 drinks. “im scared y/n” he looked at you dead in the eyes, you had never seen your brother look this scared before. You just nodded your head letting him know that you are willing to listen to all of his problems. “i told you about BTS right?” you nodded your head and scooted closer to him and laid your head on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. “well we have this big meet up planed with a rival gang called EXO and they are much bigger than us they have 12 members and two sub-units and compared to us we have no chance” you grabbed his face and you turn it toward you to see that he has tears falling down his flushed cheeks. “ oppa you are strong and I bet you and your hyungs can win all you have to do is think of a really good plan.” yoongi giggled sarcastically “y/n that not my place I cant make any kind of dissensions as far as I know im the weakest member of our gang!” you bare hugged him and wispier in his ear “ oppa your drunk you should go lay down in bed and rest.” you grabbed his hand and lead him to his room. he laid down and held onto your hand “y/n will you lay down with me?” you blinked a few times he wasn't the type to be so dependent and it really worried you. “sure oppa “ you put yourself under the covers and he immediately pulled you into his chest “ I might die y/n so I want you to know that I love you okay “ you hugged him even tighter “oppa your not going to die I love you too”
nomjoon pov
yoongi walked into nojoons office “ leader mon I heard from jin that you wanted to see me so coming from your right hand man I asume its really importint” nomjoon laid his fully loaded gun on his desk “sit” he pointed to the chair on the other side of the desk. Yoongi did as he was told in fear for what his leader was capable of. “turn over your weapons I don't want the chance of something happening with out my say so” yoongi looked at him as if to ask why are you doing all of this what could I have done wrong. He grabbed his pocket knife and gun out of his leather jacket and placed them next to nomjoons. “okay so I herd that you have loose lips min yoongi” it than dawned on him that he had forgot that his fellow gang member had ears and eyes everywhere. Yoongi began to shake his head furiously “i can explain-” nomjoon cut him off by slamming his fist on the table. “because of what you have done Kris leader of EXO-M has found out about our raid to take back our turf now because of your fucking stupidity you could have all of us killed min yoongi!!!!” yoongi could sense that this was going down hill fast so he slowly began to take out his hidden gun out of the back of the waist band of his jeans. And of corce nomjoon saw this and lunged over the desk taking the gun from him and shot him in the gut. “you really are a disgrace to this gang to think that you would shoot your leader. All I do is try to protect you” just then jimin ran through the door “what happened” nomjoon threw the gun at yoongi “he told his sister and tried to shoot me but hes to valuable so will you take him to the hospital and bring his sister here.” jimin nodded his head at his leader and roughly grabbed yoongi and headed to the hospital.