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Time to start the new year off right.... With some good old fluff and smut lol xD These are both pretty long so get comfortable :) Enjoy!!! >Part 1
Just like any other day you were walking home, alone. Luhan had been busy for the longest time and to clear your mind you always took walks in the afternoon to ease your mind no matter how the weather was. However today just wasn’t any day it was your 2nd year anniversary with Luhan. It’s nearly nightfall and he still hasn’t given you a call or even a text. With a heavy heart you continued walking through the streets without another thought as you tried to let the cold air help you clear your mind. At least that’s what you kept telling yourself because you didn’t want to go back to an empty apartment. It was dark now and only little lights along the streets and the moon to help guide your path as you made your way back home. Just as you entered your apartment your phone rang that sweet ringtone that you had set for that one person only. Normally your heart would’ve skipped a beat but not today, if you had gotten your hopes up it’d be too much for your heart to take. You stared at the screen until it stopped ringing. You let out a sigh and placed it on the counter before making your way to your bedroom. You hopped into the shower but came back out when you heard your phone ring non-stop. Wrapped in a towel with wet dripping hair you rushed to your phone to pick it up seeing that it was urgent you didn’t care to see who it was. “Hello-” “Why didn’t you pick up?” The serious monotone voice of your boyfriend asked. “I-I was in the shower,” you half-lied somewhat worried by how serious he sounded. There silence on the line for a few seconds before he took a deep breath, “We need to talk.” He stated and you nodded softly. “I can’t do this anymore…” You were lost but you kept quiet waiting for him to continue but instead he said, “Meet me at the rooftop of the SM Building.” “At this hour?” You asked in disbelief but you knew when Luhan had his mind made up there was no changing it back. “Is there a problem?” He sounded annoyed and you close your eyes and mentally sighed. “No, give me 30 minutes,” you answered. “30 minutes?” Now he was beyond annoyed. You let out a heavy sigh, “Luhan, I just got out the shower, hell I didn’t even get to wash because of you.” He smiled over the phone making you angry was just the plan but he didn’t let you notice it. “Who told you to ignore my calls in the first place?” He shot back bitterly. “I am not in the mood-” “You started this,” he interrupted enjoying how frustrated you were at the moment. “Fuck you Luhan,” you said out of anger, but you didn’t shout it nor did you whisper it you said it as genuinely as you could making sure he knew how much you were pissed at him, “I waited all day to hear from you, and it’s nearly 11 o’clock now and you’re being a dick when I finally pick up your call?” You were so engrossed with your anger right now; you didn’t even notice your apartment door open and the adorable Luhan who was now standing behind you. “So you really did just get out of the shower, didn’t you?” Luhan’s voice was no longer heard through the phone but from behind you. You slowly turned around and stared at him not bothering to answer him as your chest rose and fell at the deep breaths you were taking to calm yourself. He stood there smiling as if he did nothing wrong with a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates. “I’ve told you that you look adorable when you’re angry, right?” He cutely licked his lip as he eyed you from head to toe as your wet hair dripped down your chest taunting him. He placed the things on the counter where your phone was sitting before. You averted your eyes to the ground before you looked up and glared at him. He smiled stepping closer to you and wrapping his arm around your waist bringing your body closer to his. You lifted your hand up to hit his chest, “It sounded like you were going to break up with me.” He laughed, “And why would I ever do that?” “I hate you,” you pouted trying to push him away but he only pulled you closer burying his face into your shoulder. “I love you,” he mumbled. “I love you so much.” You paused at those three words. It’s been so long since you last heard him say it to you personally and mean it sincerely, it sounded so foreign to you now. Usually when he said it, it was through the phone or in SMS form. “I know it’s been a long time since I’ve last told you but I don’t ever want it to sound rushed and forced. I want you to know how much I love you when I whisper it softly into your ear. Baby, I love you.” You kept quiet hoping that he’d continue to say the things to assure your insecure feelings but he didn’t, he need you to assure his insecure feelings. “You believe me, right?” He asked pulling away as he held your shoulders securely in his hands and looked into your eyes with desperate ones. You gave him a smile and a small nod, “hrm.” He returned a smile and kissed your head, “Don’t ever forget it either, okay?” You nodded again as you leaned your head against his chest listening to his heartbeat slowly calm down. “And baby,” he called. You hummed a reply. "Hmm?" He smiled into your hair, “Happy anniversary; it’s been two lovely years with you.” <3


He continued to press himself against you and kiss you senseless. You hadn’t even realized that his shirt was completely unbuttoned until he hiked your dress up and made you wrap your legs around his waist. Luhan carried you to his room. Throwing you on the bed, you giggled from bouncing up and down, but stopped as soon as a topless Luhan attacked your lips again. You moaned shamelessly  into the kiss. Pushing your legs farther apart, Luhan set himself on top of you, grinding the front of his jeans against your soaked panties. You reached out and touched his sides, fingers clawing desperately at his smooth skin. They explored out of their own accord, finding themselves moving down and running over the ridges of his stomach. Abdominal muscles. God yes. Luhan broke the kiss for air and began to nip down your neck. Without warning, you suddenly felt his index finger slip down and tease your wet folds. Your back arched without your doing, and Luhan dove back in to take a nipple into his mouth. You closed your eyes from the feeling of his tongue circling you. Luhan’s finger continued to teasingly run up and down your entrance, but never entering. He switched to the other nipple, sucking on it a bit rougher, as his other hand cupped the first breast. Luhan sat up and inspected your bare stomach. He held onto your hips with both hands and licked a trail from your pelvis to your ribs. You writhed underneath him as he blew cold air against the wet line. He moved underneath to put both your legs over one shoulder, sitting up to get the bottom half of your body off the bed. Smiling in approval he shrugged your legs off, spreading them wide apart in front of him. You could feel embarrassment clenching at your chest from being put on display in front of Luhan. And yet, the feeling was exhilarating. Taking his time, Luhan kissed his way down until he was settled on his stomach. Hooking both hands around your thighs, he pressed his tongue flat against your wetness and licked up, drawing a long, breathy moan from you. Hiding his smirk, he continued to lap up the juices dripping out and then dipped his tongue into your entrance. A whine escaped from your lips and you brought your hand up to bite on your finger. God knows what wonders he was doing down there with his mouth pressed against you like that. All you could do was cry out, bite back the moans, and tangle your fingers into your hair pathetically. His lips were suddenly gone and you felt a finger slowly push into the entrance. “Ohh,” you moaned, gasping for air. Luhan watched in amusement as you wiggled further down the bed, trying to get him to go in deeper. You felt his finger disappear and glanced down frantically, just in time to see him sucking on his middle and ring fingers, then sliding the both of them into you. It was one of the sexiest things you had ever witnessed and you threw your head back with another cry. Luhan curled up his two fingers, repeatedly hitting the roof, as he leaned down to suck on your clit. That just about pushed you over the edge. With a half-scream, you reached down and pulled on his hair, desperate to just hold on to something. Luhan groaned from the slight pain, his voice vibrating all around your clit. You weren't sure what you were doing anymore. Air filled your lungs in staccato gasps, whines fell from your lips and blended together with Luhan's animalistic groans of approval, and your hips bucked up without your control to meet his thrusts. "You gonna come?" Luhan's voice was deep and throaty, his hot breath skimming over you ear. You whimpered and opened your eyes, staring at his lips still wet with your juices.  He smirked as he attacked you in an open-mouthed kiss, hungrily taking in your screams as his fingers thrusted in and out of you at a dizzying pace, thumb now pressing and rubbing furiously against your clit. The familiar build up of pleasure pooled in the very pit of your stomach, too sudden for your mind to process, and you dug your nails into Luhan’s shoulders, the feeling of release shooting out to your fingertips and- "Aaaaahh!" Your body convulsed as the orgasm ripped through you. Luhan rolled over to his side as you came, laughing lightly at the sight of you in pure bliss. "Wow. I never imagined you to be a squirter," he said in bemusement, admiring the way you dripped down from his fingers. You hooked a leg around his waist and flipped him onto his back, pinning his wrists on either side of his head. "You may have won this round, hot shot, but I'll have you moaning once I have my way with you." After a quick peck on his lips, you lowered yourself down and slowly began unbuttoning his pants, busying yourself with running a tongue along the ridges of his abs. If you could take a whole day to just worship the taut muscles in his stomach, you sure as hell would. Not wanting to waste any time, you began to pull both his pants and boxers down, his erection springing out and slapping against his stomach. He grabbed your hair and forced the swollen head past your lips, sighing deeply at the feeling of finally being taken in. He looked at you under hooded eyes. Still holding his gaze, you watched him watch you flick the slit of his with your tongue and then dip in a little harder. Luhan gulped, eyebrows furrowing as he tried not to make a sound. You closed your eyes and pressed your tongue fully against the base of his member, dragging it slowly up to the tip. Luhan's head fell back against the pillows and he covered his eyes with the back of his hand. His Adam's apple continued to move up and down in his throat, a sheen of sweat glistening at his neck. Luhan moved the hand from his eyes to push his fringe up from his forehead, lips parting to breathe in shallowly and hissing the air back out through clenched teeth. His other hand skimmed down his chest and rested against his hip bone. Glancing up, you noticed Luhan's lips moving quickly but quietly. You sucked in the head of his cock again, eyes still trained on his tortured expression, and began to twist your fingers up and down his shaft. Relaxing the muscles in the back of your throat, you guided Luhan's length farther into your mouth, swallowing it whole. His hips bucked up off the bed in a gasp and suddenly he was holding you down by the hair. You squeezed your eyes shut trying not to gag but your reflex kicked in automatically. However, it was barely heard over Luhan's loud moans and strangled curses. So that's what he was doing this entire time. Luhan was swearing in Mandarin. The two of you wrestled on his bed, skin against skin, fingernails surely leaving crescent-shaped indents, and lips crashing a little too forcefully onto each other. "Ride me." You almost came again from the way his eyes burned into yours. The fire of lust was raging within him, and you couldn't have been more willing to quench his thirst. Straddling either side of his hips, you reached below and aligned Luhan to your entrance. With your walls still dripping wet from stimulation, you sunk down faster than planned and gave a loud moan. You hadn't felt this full in so long. You rocked your hips forward, relishing the feeling of Luhan slipping out halfway and then filling you up again. It was a sensation you could easily get addicted to. You leaned back on your hands and tucked your feet underneath you, beginning to roll against him again. Luhan held onto your hips with a grip so hard you could already feel the bruise forming. He helped to bring you up and then slam you back down, his member hitting you at just the right angle to make you cry out louder. “Kiss me.” His request was barely above a whisper and almost got drowned out completely by your breathy moans and the squeaks of the bed springs. You pulled your hair to one side and leaned over to kiss him. Everything slowed for a second as he trailed his fingers up your back. Luhan’s touches had suddenly melted into softness and you moaned into the surprisingly deep kiss, cupping his face in your hand to just feel his skin. Without so much of a warning, you felt Luhan bring his knees up and lock his arms around your waist. He thrusted into you at full force, knocking the wind right out of your lungs. Your head lifted up and your eyes shut close, but only silence fell from your mouth as he continued to drive into you. Finally finding your voice again, you screamed. You screamed into his neck and you whined and your hands clawed at the pillows beneath him. The overwhelming pleasure that was skyrocketing through your body made you lightheaded. “Such a pretty voice,” Luhan laughed in your ear between grunts. His hold around your waist tightened and you whimpered. The feeling of being so forcibly pressed into him- with your breasts flattened between you and his clammy skin and his firm ab muscles rubbing against your stomach- was undeniably sexy. Your head dropped and you kissed along his neck, still crying out from his thrusts, but too worn out to keep up right. Luhan paused for a breather, rolling you over gently so he was on top. “Getting tired?” “Please... don’t stop,” you managed to get out. He smirked and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Alright. I’ll finish this off quickly then.” Bringing your thighs up, he rested them on his hips and leaned down to kiss you sweetly. “What’s my name?” he whispered. “Lu... Luhan.” “What? I didn’t hear you.” “Lu-HAN!” You didn’t think you still had it in you to yell, but he thrusted into you unexpectedly again, forcing the last syllable out in a shriek. He reached above and grabbed onto his headboard as leverage, picking up at the pace he had left off. Your legs clenched around him tighter as he leaned down and held your face roughly in his hands. He groaned animalistically as his eyes held your gaze, and you didn’t dare to look away. “What’s my name?” “Luhaaaaaaaan,” you moaned, encircling a hand around his neck. He growled as his thrusting stuttered. “Louder.” “Ahhhhaaa Luhan!” You knew he was coming close by his sharp intakes of breath. “I want you screaming my name. Come on baby say it for me....” He pulled out entirely and snapped his hips forward, driving himself completely inside. “LUHAN!! LUHANLUHANLUHAN!!!” With a cry, he buried himself deep inside and came, falling limply on top of you soon after. You both groaned from exhaustion, chests heaving on top of each other. Before you could groan again, Luhan brushed his lips against your forehead. He pressed butterfly kisses down your temples and cheek bone, stopping to look you in the eyes. The fire was gone but it was replaced by a warm, flickering glow. Had Luhan always looked at you like this? Without saying a word, he swiped his thumb softly across your bottom lip and cupped your face delicately.Ever so slowly, he kissed you. It was soft and tentative, making you blush shyly. "I love you." <3
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He's got that good good
I say Kris, but I saw the song "Lu" then it started playing in my head lol 😂
@thePinkPrincess my mind is saying don't imagine and read such things.. But my body is saying yes keep reading..
Lol I feel so ashamed xD @KpopQueenaBee
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