Tagged by @Marblue143 and @BelencitaGarcia to do the name challenge!
B: BtoB Had a hard time picking which B I wanted lol
A: Akdong Musician Had Ailee cued when I though of these cuties. Both deserve to be mentioned but. I thought this made me look cooler.
I: iKon Forgive me Infinite for I have sinned.
L: LEGEND I thought of a bunch but man, there are a lot of not well known idol groups that start with L. I almost put Lovelies though.
E: EXO Dude. Is there anything else that starts with E...?
Y: Yong JunHyung I took this opportunity to do a mini spam of Junhyung being hella sexy. Don't mind me.
Alright! This is actually quite cute and fun. No clue who has done this or not since I've been kinda checked out but I'll tag my lovely girls @AimeeH @MorganElisabeth @ChelseaJay
Exid stars with an E 馃槀
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I WILL ATTEMPT THIS. Also INFINITE forgives you. c:
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@Marblue143 omg! I remember thinking that when I was tagged in yours and then totally blanked while making it. Oh well! Lol.
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@baileykayleen I blanked out in so many I didn't even think about AKMU 馃槶
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