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I... don't like waiting.

The special is airing in the UK at 9pm which means... 4PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME.

That's right. One hour from now.

Who else is ten kinds of hype right now?
NNNOOOOOOOOO!! I thought it came on on Christmas!!! I've already left the house and I'm going to miss it. will it come on again?
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@ChosenKnight oh no!!! They'll have to rerun it. And BBC America will probably have it on a bunch!
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@shannonl5 hey how does the episode start. I think I may have found it on the Masterpiece website. but I want to make its the whole eposode
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@ChosenKnight aaaaah sorry I missed this! I think it started with a reminder of how the season ended? I'll have to watch it again though XD
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@shannonl5 @ChosenKnight a it does start with how the season ended. It was so amazing!!!! Now to wait for Season 4.....馃槦
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