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@shoenami @YinofYang @cheerfulcallie @Tapsamai This one should be easy lol
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Haha, tsk tsk @YinofYang that was very clever of you. @cheerfulcallie , no worries, next time, my friend!
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What...Who? Me? I would never. Just because I kept telling you to ignore @carlosdang 's card doesn't mean I was trying to keep you from answering. Or when you asked me why I was being so vague about the whole thing.... @cheerfulcallie Sis, I'm but an angel.
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@carlosdang Rofl! It's not exactly easy, but I was actually studying some of the architecture of those temples just a few weeks ago. :-D
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hahah yah this one is quite easy, YOu can guess easily through the architecture :) ! Let me try the next one then !
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I HAVE TO GO TO MYANMAR! Bagan looks like an absolutely magical and incredible place! And I've read that it is largely unknown to tourists!
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