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A good overcoat should be warm, fit you, and make you look great. 1/ Fabric: If you plan to wear your overcoat for years to come, make sure you buy a coat that is made of 100% wool and that it weighs at least 4 pounds (for average-sized men). In general, heavier coats last longer because the fabric is more durable. 2. Sleeves: The coat sleeves should completely cover the suit sleeve as well as the shirt cuff, and even reach a little further down. This way, you should not get cold on your wrists when you wear gloves with it. 3. Length: Traditionally, overcoats were rather long-reaching garments, extending almost all the way to the ankles. These full-length coats are often the coat of choice for seasoned gentlemen as they can compliment a wide range of figures…to include those of us a bit rounder in the midsection. 4. Fit: When you buy an overcoat, make sure to wear a shirt and a sportscoat or suit jacket because the coat has to fit on top of it. Some men like a looser fit while younger men often prefer a trimmer fit. However, if you see X-wrinkles when buttoning your overcoat, it is definitely too tight. 5/ Style: With regards to style it is once again up to you what you choose. The single-breasted overcoat with notched lapel is a good all-a-rounder whereas the double-breasted peak lapel overcoat is a little more formal and wears warmer when it is cold because you have two layers of fabric over your chest. 6/ Construction: High-quality coats have a sewn canvas, whereas less expensive overcoats have a fused canvas. A sewn canvas is definitely more durable and built to last whereas a poorly glued interlining can come loose after a few years, ruining the garment. If money is of no concern to you, go with a fully canvassed overcoat. If not, try to buy fully canvassed suits and go with a glued overcoat. Unlike with a suit, a glued canvas overcoat is acceptable since it is cut looser and you wear it less frequently.
in my collection...there it goes.
sooo classic and stylish, i love this look......
@carlosdang You definitely make some valid points. I think I just like guy clothes more because I was a tomboy for a looong time. Dressed like a guy, quite a bit. Those were the days. Hahaha!
@YinofYang Nah, I disagree, haha. I think girls have more beautiful clothes. Guys just have more classic clothes. We have a set number items that we need to own and after that, we just need to mix and match between them. For girls, the fashion changes every season so you guys have more options, but also a more expensive shopping bill lol
@carlosdang Yep. Honestly, guys have some of the best clothes.
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