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so I was gonna post yesterday but I got so tried that I couldn't keep my eyes open so it's today yeahh!!!! anyhoo I got tagged by @chaErica & @Chelsesajay & this is the most hardest decision I had to ever make. so lets get going woohoo!!
#1. Byun Baekhyun (EXO) so baekhyun has been always my bias wrecker but hes also my #1 bias in exo even though chanyeol and xiumin like to ruin it but hes still #1. he can sing,dance and just about being cute so he awesome.
#2. Ryeowook (super junior) so this is my suju bias it was shindong before bc he had the same bday as me but ryeowook has gotten my attention so he is now my bias in suju cause hes talent & he just fabulous. I like to call him wookie for some reason but its cute XD.
#3. TOP (BIGBANG) so out of every memeber in bigbang TOP was the one that standed out to me so he my bias. he just talent rapper,singer, & just a cute/handsome guy
#4. Jeonghan (seventeen) so this might seem weird but boy bands that have long hair always end up being my bias, idk what wrong with me but anyhoo so jeonghan is my bias in seventeen even though this short little guy name woozi like to ruin it but I'll go with it. anyhoo jeonghan is talent to he's just fabulous :)
#5. SHINEE'S KEY so minho was my bias for a little bit but then key want to be my bias & he is so is. key is a fabulous guy, hes cute, he can sing, I think at lest onece he rapped In one of their song & he did great but he just key & will always be key key be key :)
#6. Taehyung/V (Bangtan boys/BTS) so V has been my bias ever sense pictures for bts run came out (that bad) buy anyhoo V is fabulous (he did go over the fabulous line in the second photo), he can sing beautiful and just do whatever V does.
#7. Hwanhee (UP10TION) Hwanhee Hwanhee Hwanhee why you gotta do this to me anyhoo so hwanhee has been my bias for well ever sense they debuted. he just fabulous, cute, can sing, and just being hwanhee :)
#8. Hwanhee (fly to the sky) this is so bad, but hwanhee stole my heart with he has an amazing voice and how handsome he looks
#9. Choi Siwon (super junior) yes siwon won my heart by acting in she was pretty. he did such amazing job in it & he srue trolled us fans by looking the teenage that dies in big hero 6 but anyhoo he just fabulous in his own way so keep being your self siwon. fighting siwon~ see you in 2017
#10. RAP MONSTER (BANGTAN BOYS/BTS) so Rap mon was my first bias in bts but then V just had to take over like rude but anyhoo ( I still love you V) Rap mon is fabulous, he can rap, sing, act cute, he just fabulous.
#11. BAMBAM (Got7) Bambam sort of became my bias idk how he did it but he is & im glad. bambam is just bambam, I just have no words for this fabulous guy. funny story: I was watching this horse movie and one of the horses names was BamBam lol
#12. Jackson (Got7) jackson was my first bias in got7 but then bambam came to intrud but anyhoo jackson is fabulous & has pretty abs :) he can rap beautifully and he just awesome
#13. PARK CHANYEOL (EXO) Chanyeol is my bias wercker & second bias for now until xiumin takes over. I swear xiumin and chanyeol like to go back and forth for second bias but anyhoo chanyeol can sing, rap, & just makes your day.
#14. Xiumin (EXO) xiumin is fabulous. he can sing, rap, dance and just being cute. I can't wait for his drama to come out (or is it out already & I've just been siting here like im a horrible fan) anyhoo xiumin is awesome & I want him to stay the same, got it xiumin :)
#15. Bobby (IKON) Bobby has stolen my heart in my type & just about every comeback. he can rap beautiful all though he does sound like GD (for some reason) which im fine will. also is it just me or does Bobby and BI look the same? tell me if you think he does.
so we have come to the end :( but anyhoo I did take a long time doing this I at lest had fun so thats good. I know I could have added someone else but I did for some reason, sorry cnu (b1a4)
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