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I can't tell you enough how hard i cried when Rose was left behind a parallel universe... </3 This couple is the ultimate!!
damn all the feels
@shoenami Okay, sounds good, sis! ヽ(*^ー^)人(^ー^*)ノ @Saravy Uh...*cough* Sorry about that. XD Oh, oh, scroll up in the comments and you'll see my guides to where to start.
@YinofYang Too late! You mentioned me, then I came to check out what was going on, and then I read it. @shoenami Firefly is a much watch. It's so good!!! As for Dr. Who, I really need to watch this, I just have no idea where to start. >_<
Now I wanna watch it even more!! Thank you! I will, I'll let you know <3 @YinofYang
@shoenami I'm so sorry. I never got this notification. I notice it's always hit or miss, the notifications. Sheesh. Anyway! That's awesome. Watch Firefly first and then Serenity. Oh, my god, Nami! I love that series so much and the cast. *Sniff* I'm so sad it never got finished. I won't get too much into it because @Saravy might cry.
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