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Okay here is part 7 amigos.


Part 7: Lunch Time

Jasmine woke up around 11am. She did not have any classes until after dinner when she had her hip hop class. On days like these she sleeps in and does homework and studies. If she has time she would play video games. She always had lunch with Jin at the dorm. She was excited about today, because she was going to help him prepare lunch. V was still sleep. He doesn't awake until lunch is served on this day. Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jungkook was away on campus. Jimin was at the college gym working out. He was super obsessed about his body image. Jasmine stepped out the shower. She dried herself before putting on her robe. She could hear Jin arriving from the grocery store and putting stuff away. Jasmine looked at her natural wavy and curly hair. She decided to run a flat iron through it after lunch. She walked to her room humming some music and drifting into thoughts. She had her day planned and was looking forward to blowing off some stress in her hip hop class. She found a note on her bed with a teddy bear. I'm super so for my behavior Jazz. I know I've mad some major mistakes, but baby I love you. I just wish with time you can see that. Please forgive me. Love, Jimin xxxxxoooxxx Jasmine placed the letter on her desk. She sat on the bed while playing with her brown teddy. He had a pink bow on and carmel eyes that screamed love me. That Jimin. What should I name this little guy? about...Ji-Yong. Yeah he's a cute bear on the outside, but beware he a dragon in the inside...just like Jimin. He ain't foolin' me. He got me all stressed I can't believe I re-lived that night at the cabin. I wanted to dream about food and shit. Jasmine finshed applying her coconut milk lotion. She slipped into a nude sheer bra with matching thong. She pulled her hair into a tight pony tail. She brushed down her baby hairs just right just like her momma used to do. She slipped into some denim shorts and a red fitted shirt with Converse written in black. "Jazz come on and let's get lunch started." Jin says while peeking his head through the door. "Don't you knock silly?" Jasmine says while following Jin. " People as handsome as me don't knock. Rules never apply to us." Jin says while winking at her. Jasmine giggled. He's a mess Jin and Jasmine began preparing lunch. She loved cooking with people she loved. It reminded her of home. She couldn't wait for break so that she can see her family and the guys family. She pulled out the kimichi she made two days ago. She knew it would taste even better. Jimin's and Jin's mom taught her how to make kimichi. Jin was putting water on the stove to boil. "Can you hand me that bowl up there Jazz?" Jin asked. Jasmine rolled her eyes. He knows I'm short. Jasmine hopped on the counter and sat down. She was able to reach the bowl. She grabbed it and handed it to Jin. Imma just sit here. I wonder if Jim has been working out? His back is looking stronger. Jasmine was pulled out of her thoughts by cold water hitting her chest. Her shirt was drenched. "Jin!" Jasmine screamed. "Oh I'm so sorry Jazz. Take that off before you get sick." Jin pulled off Jasmine's shirt. He began wiping her off with a dry dish towel. Jasmine was shocked. She couldn't move. Did he just rip off my shirt? Once Jin dried off Jasmine he noticed her hard rock nipple through her sheer nude bra. He licked his lips and blushed due to the thoughts he was having. "I'm sorry Jazz. I don't know how that happened." "It's fine." Jasmine blushed as she acknowledged Jin's flushed cheeks. She turned her head. "Wait I missed a spot." Jin said while turning her head towards him and kissing her lightly on the lips. "Jin..." Jasmine said in a confused soft tone. Jin continued to softly kiss her while running his hand up her inner thigh. He began sucking on her neck and rubbing on her right breast through her damp bra. Jasmine wanted to move, but it felt so good. I thought Jin was not into me like that at all... Jasmine thought was shorten by Jin sucking on her through her bra. Jasmine moaned. He began pulling at her left nipple. While sucking her harder. Jasmine ran her hand through his hair. "I want them directly." He said while pulling at her front clasp. Her breasts quickly bounced to the suddenly movement. "So plump." Jin moaned. Jin began sucking and licking on Jasmine's nipple. She moaned louder as she could feel herself getting wet. Jin continued to gobble her breasts. "Now that I had an appetizer, now for my main course." Jin says while pulling down her shorts. "Jin don't want to." Jasmine blushed. "You are going to be a bad host and leave your guest hungry?" Jin narrowed his eyes. He pulled at her left nipple while pulling tight on her thong causing the fabric to give her pussy wedgie. She screamed. It felt so good. "Don't make me mad Jasmine. You are so fucking wet." Jin pulled up the front part of her thong again. "Okay....bon appetit bae." Jasmine moaned. Jin moved her thong to the side. He pulled back her folds and exposed her clit. He softly blew on it making Jasmine squeal. "My meal is hot. I gotta cool it down." Then he licked his lips and began lightly directly licking on her clit. Jasmine could feel herself melting. Jin loved her response so he continued to do so. Then he began sucking on her clit while running his index finger softly around her entrance. "Shit...shit...Jin." Jasmine moaned. "You are so unfair." Jin loved the way she tasted. "Mmm why do you taste so good?" He moaned. " Don't say that Jin. Don't say I taste good." Jasmine squealed. Jin dipped his index finger deep into Jasmine while pumping at a medium pace. He began kissing her inner thigh. Jasmine mind was blurring she thought she was going to die. Then he added his middle finger while curing his fingers inside her. She was getting super drenched. He used his other hand to rub her nub. He pumped his fingers faster and harder hitting He G spot. Jasmine began screaming as she tugged at his hair. She could feel herself began to climax. Suddenly she began squirting all over the place. She almost fell off the counter but Jin caught her. "Ah, so you are a squirter?" Jin chuckled. Jasmine was out of breath and the room was blurry. "I never did that before. How embarrassing Jin." "You must been with little boys. Real men know how to make that fountain drip." Jin grinned and placed some pasta in the boiling water. Jasmine shoved Jin on the kitchen wall. She pulled down his pants and began sucking him. Jin was already hard from tasting Jasmine. Jin head hit the wall as he groaned. He was super sensitive. He pulled Jasmine's hair while grunting. He slowly began moving his hips. "Yes, just like that baby. This is such a great party favor." Jin groaned. Jasmine could feel him getting bigger as he hit the back of her throat. She gasped for air and then continued. She grabbed his ass as she sucked him harder. She then began stroking him while sucking on her finger. While squeezing him with her hand she slowly injected her finger up his rectum. She stroked the base and licked his tip while slowly sliding her finger up him. Jin moaned louder. Then she hit his G spot. He instantly came really hard. His body got real stiff and he screamed in pleasure while his tip ozzed out so much man creme. Then his body relaxed as he held on to the wall. "What the fuck Jazz." He gasped with blurry vision. "That's your G spot baby." She grinned. "Don't tell anyone I liked your fingers in my ass." Jin said while kissing her. "Our secret." Jasmine got up to freshen up and Jin continued cooking after cleaning up the mess they made.
omg!!! I thought Jin would never do tat omg!! n im so glad she didn't trust jimin tat easily after wat he did tis is good keep it up
super duper not what i expected lol cant wait for the next chapter..poor jimin still isnt gwtting any lmao
@lashonda0917 well they love it too. they all know what they are doing. homies smashing each other
I was praying this was a him one.ohmygawd Jasmine is what i like to call a 'homie hopper' haaha
@amobigbang welcome 😁😁
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