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Min Ho Social Media Updates
Starhaus updates their Twitter account by this pic.. Min Ho taking a break from recording^^ [22.04.2013] Lee Min Ho Weibo Update @ 16.25 PM CST : “我在新闻中看到一则难过的消息,虽然我在韩国,但看到了新闻后让我很担心。 像现在一样,如果我们互帮互助的话一定能很快好转起来。 我真心希望雅安一切都能安好。 大家都行动起来,加油!” English Translation: “I see the sad news and even though i am in Korea, i was very worried when i saw the news. As now, please try to help each other because if we help each other, we can feel better soon. I really hope that Sichuan can get well soon. Everyone let’s do something, Jiayou!” P.S -> Jiayou is a Chinese word that means the same as “Fighting”.
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