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Stephen Webster is a British Jewelry brand that has enjoyed international success. These days, they have been very lucky to have a great international following. Now celebrities and fashionable people are impressed by his creative and unique design. Christina Aguilera who is a big fan of this brand participated in Stephen Webster ad campaign. A. Wrath - ‘seven deadly sins couture cocktail ring ’ collection B. Lust - ‘seven deadly sins couture cocktail ring’ collection C. Poison apple ring – ‘murder she wrote’ collection D. Flag signet ring – ‘alchemy UK ring’ collection E. Poison apple locket-pink lady – ‘murder she wrote’ collection
Christina Aguilera is nothing but sultry these days! way way different from her Genie in a bottle days
i also love the sultry look from christina aguilera!! lol
@kristenadam@blairwitme I think this designer is so creative. im waiting for his another awesome work!
this is magnificent! too literal, I'm not sure I can wear them but they look great!
seduction itself is here!!! oh my :*)